Dairy Products 

Cheese Powder

Lactosan has more than 50 years of experience in the development of cheese powders. The cheese raw material is sourced from all over the world, allowing Lactosan to produce a variety of consistent quality cheese powders.

Cheese Powder provides a unique combination of taste, functionality and practicality, making it the obvious choice in virtually any food system. The broad range of products from Lactosan offers food and flavour manufacturers a variety of functional and natural flavour solutions in applications such as biscuits, savoury snacks, bakery products, sauces and dips, processed cheese, and ready meals. Moreover, Lactosan’s application team assists food manufacturers in meeting tomorrow’s demand for innovative, tasty, and convenient food products.

Lactosan’s range of products includes:

  • Pure Cheese Powders – based on 100% cheese
  • Lactosan NCB Natural Cheese Powders – based on carefully selected natural well-matured cheeses
  • Pure Cheese Blends – based on blends of natural cheese and maltodextrins
  • Cheese Base Powders – based on blends of natural cheese and other dairy ingredients
  • Cheese Building Blocks – based on blends of natural cheese, dairy ingredients, vegetable fat and maltodextrins

Lactosan can provide a variety of cheese powders and, in many cases, Vegetarian / Halaal versions are available.

Danlink Ingredients has represented Lactosan in South Africa since 1997, and we are today the dominating supplier of cheese powder to a variety of South African food and flavour manufacturers.

To learn more about Lactosan, please visit the web page: www.lactosan.com