Functional Proteins 

Meat protein

Essentia is all about proteins that will enhance your food products.

The mission of Essentia is to create and deliver value through innovative product and protein solutions. Driven by innovation and supported by expertise and technical know-how the aim is to ensure that you get real value through real innovation.

Essentia is owned by the Lauridsen Group Incorporated (LGI), and expect to build on the companies’ leading role as a strategic provider of protein solutions to the food, beverage, health and nutrition industries. Essentia is headquartered in USA.

Essentia offers unique alternatives to traditional proteins such as whey, egg, and soy proteins.

Essentia Operates in three core business categories:

1) Functional proteins

2) Stocks / broths / flavors / fats

3) Health and nutrition


Essentia holds the strongest brand names in the industry, which is divided into following:

Functional Proteins

ScanPro™ – single- source functional proteins

APro™ – single- source blood-derived proteins

ExcelPro™  – compounds of internal protein sources

ExcelPro™ Plus – compounds of internal and “external” proteins e.g. alginate

Stocks, broths, fats and flavor

ProBase™ – delivering basic taste

ProFlavor™ – outstanding powerful taste performance

The product range spans across pork, beef, chicken and poultry.


Characteristics of ScanPro™

  • Alternative to part of the production meat or other functional ingredients
  • Food grade animal raw materials – beef, poultry or pork
  • Manufactured using thermal and mechanical processes
  • Natural and microbiologically stable product
  • Non-GMO and no known allergens
  • Process-friendly – easy to handle and store


Working with collagen-based proteins adds a whole range of functionalities to meat products. With outstanding gelling and emulsification properties, SCANPRO™ adds significant benefits like:

  • Improved firmness, texture and slice ability
  • Reduced purge and frying loss
  • Increased protein content
  • Increased yield
  • Reduced formulation costs



Injected and reformed products

  • Bacon products (cured, smoked and cooked)
  • Whole muscle ham products
  • Reformed ham and pizza topping

Emulsified products

  • Cooked sausages (hot dogs, Vienna sausages, frankfurters)
  • Cooked sausages, cold cut (French polony, Pariser, Mortadella types)
  • Spread and liver paste

Fresh products

  • Fresh sausages (breakfast and catering sausages)

Ground products

  • Meatballs
  • Burgers
  • Meat fillings

Dry and fermented products

  • Salami and pepperoni types


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