Egg Products 

SANOVO EGG GROUP was recently integrated with Lactosan into the LACTOSAN-SANOVO Ingredients Group offering a full range of Cheese Powders and Egg Powders.

SANOVO EGG GROUP is the largest international supplier of egg products in the world with manufacturing facilities in all parts of the world and with Head Quarters in Denmark.

Product Range

  • Whole Egg Powders
  • Egg Yolk Powders
  • Egg Albumin Powders
  • Free Range Egg Powders
  • Barn Egg Powders

Each type of product is available as a standard product as well as specialized products for specific applications and with improved performance like:

  • Enzyme treated Egg Yolk Powder with increased emulsification power
  • High Whip Albumin Powder is for the confectionary industry
  • High Gel Albumin Powder is for the meat processing industry

Additionally, SANOVO EGG GROUP offers functional customized egg solutions tailored to meet specific formulations i.e.:

Nutritional Blends, Various Functional and Co-dried Blends, Salt and Sugar Mixes and Special Blend Formulations.


With SANOVO’s highly specialized production equipment you are guaranteed maximum performance and uniform quality of the SANOVO Egg Powders. Quality standards are based on stringent HACCP principles, ISO and BRC certifications. All products are Halaal certified.

To learn more about Sanovo, please visit the web page: