Gums & Stabilizers 


Ceamsa is  Family-owned company with more than 50 years experience in the hydrocolloid business. Their commitment to continuous innovation in Products, Processes and Solutions has made the company a world leader in the production of carrageenan.

The main application for carrageenans today is processed meat like ham, sausages, bacon, and chicken. Other applications are ice cream, milk puddings, flavoured milk, fruit gels and spreads.

Carrageenans are produced from seaweeds. Today, the most important seaweed – Eucheuma Cottonii – is cultivated primarily in the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Ceamsa carrageenans are available as pure standardized products and as formulated products blended with other gums for specific applications.
Semi-refined carrageenans are the most efficient products for the meat processing industry; and for other applications, carrageenan extracts may also be needed.

Ceamsa and Danlink have the experience and expertise to assist you in your development work involving gums and stabilizers. Contact us for advice when you are looking for:

  • Water binding
  • Reduced cooking loss of meat products
  • Gelling of water or milk
  • Reduced syneresis
  • Freeze/thaw stability
  • Improved mouth feel

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Yantai Andre Pectin Co. Ltd was established in 2003 with the mission to become a world leader in production of Apple and Citrus Pectin, with their sustainable source of raw materials giving them a competitive edge. Yantai Andre Pectin is part of the Andre Group who is one of the leading producers of apple and other fruit juices.

Designed organised and led by an experienced and multinational team of specialists, they guarantee the highest quality standards in accordance with international safety and food regulations.

Yantai Andre Pectin is part of the International Pectin Producers Association.

Product portfolio comprises:

Full range of Apple and Citrus High Methyl Ester Pectin with different DE from 50% to 78% standardised for different applications:

  • Extra rapid set to Extra slow set for jams, confectionery
  • Different viscosity standardized types for beverages
  • Different types for protein stabilization in acidified milk drinks

Low Methyl Ester Pectin based on Citrus and apple with different DE lower than 50%:

  • Fruit preparations for yoghurt
  • Bakery Filling
  • Glazing
  • Fruit Spread- low sugar jam

Low Methyl Ester Amidated Pectin range based on Citrus and apple with different DE/DA Standardised for different applications:

  • Heat Resistant Fruit Preparation
  • Fruit Preparation for yoghurt
  • Fruit spread – low sugar jam

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Xanthan Gum

Deosen Corporation, since it began in 1992, has grown into a major international manufacturer of Xanthan Gum. Its impressive success is founded in the company’s expertise in fermentation, its strict quality control, and its competitive pricing together with a high level of customer service. Danlink has represented Deosen in South Africa for 10 years, and during that period, we have become a dominant supplier of Xanthan Gum to the food industry.


  • Ziboxan F80 – 80 mesh powder
  • Ziboxan F200 – 200 mesh powder
  • Ziboxan PF40 – 40 mesh powder
  • Ziboxan PF60 – 60 mesh powder
  • Ziboxan FG – dust free granulate
  • Ziboxan FT – transparent 80 mesh powder

The rheological properties of xanthan gum make it very useful in a variety of applications where viscosity, mouth feel, and stability are needed. Among the most important applications are:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Soups and sauces
  • Processed meat
  • Ice cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Bakery fillings
  • Batter mixes

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Gellan Gum

Gellan gum is a polysaccharide produced by the fermentation Sphingomonas elodea. The composition of gellan produced this way is identical in structure to native gellan  gum formed by Sphingomonas elodea on  Lily pads. Based on Gellan gum’s gelling mechanism, it mainly has two functions in application, one is to form strong gel, the other is the suspension of particles in liquid

Functionality of Gellan gum

  • Produces strong gels at low dosage.
  • Thermo-stable
  • High water binding capacity
  • Ability to suspend inclusions without increasing viscosity
  • pH tolerance

High Acyl Gellan Gum applications

  • Dairy beverages
  • Alternative protein beverages
  • Juice drinks
  • Fruit prep

Low Acyl Gellan Gum applications

  • Water dessert gels and drinkable jellies
  • Fruit flavored beverage with inclusions
  • Confectionery

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Tara Gum, Locust Bean, Guar Gum

UNIPEKTIN Ingredients is a well-known Swiss manufacturer of Galactomannans – a range of seed extracts covering Locust Bean Gum (LBG), Guar Gum and Tara Gum. They all produce viscosity in watery systems.

Locust Bean Gum is soluble at approximately 90˚C and produces a very pleasant, creamy mouth feel which makes it attractive, above all in dairy products. LBG shows synergy with Carrageenans and Xanthan.

Guar Gum is cold soluble and can be used in cold as well as hot processes. It produces a somewhat slimy mouth feel, especially when used in high dosages. It is used to produce viscosity in cold processes and as an economic alternative to LBG and Tara Gum. Guar shows no synergy with Carrageenans and Xanthan Gum.

Tara Gum is in-between LBG and Guar Gum. It has a good solubility in cold water and it shows synergy with Carrageenans and Xanthan – although less pronounced than for LBG. It produces a full-bodied, pleasant mouth feel. Tara Gum is used as an economic alternative to LBG and in cold processes where the slimy mouth feel from Guar Gum is unacceptable.

Unipektin offers a complete range of Galactomannans products:

  • VIDOGUM L – a range of Locust Bean Gums
  • VIDOGUM G – a range of Guar Gums
  • VIDOGUM SP – a range of Tara Gums
  • VIDOCREM – a range of reduced viscosity Galactomannans for specific applications

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Ceamsa has recently introduced a range of Unique Alginate based concepts with controlled and application specific  gelling capabilities. Their Ceamtex 1600 Product Line is a range of tailor-made alginate types, standardized to provide the following functionalities:

  • cold gelling
  • heat stability
  • freeze thaw stability
  • improving shape retention
  • preventing oiling-off
  • low cost in use
  • improved texture

Products are now available for some interesting applications like:

  • Vienna’s and Frankfurters
  • Beef patties
  • Fat emulsions
  • Oil emulsions
  • Coatings of meat
  • Restructured Meat
  • Vegetable Casings
  • Instant Milk Desserts
  • Bakery Creams and Fruit Fillings

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We are sourcing a range of carboxymethyl celluloses (CMC) from a subsidiary of Deosen Corporation – our supplier of Xanthan Gum.

CMC is useful as a thickener and stabilizer in a variety of food applications like:

  • Frozen foods and ice cream
  • Bread
  • Sauces and dressings

Please contact us for further information on CMC.